Fun, Relaxed & natural candid wedding photography in Weymouth, Dorset.

Hi everyone, it's about time I used this page for what's it's designed for!I'm getting creative so I now have an Instagram account along with Google Plus page which you can find I'd like to announce a new addition to the Wedding's in 2016... my amazing grey cowboy hat!1388184588632-1495580419     No I haven't completely lost the plot... yet, there is a reason.Instead of camera straps around my neck I use a special belt that holds my 2 tonne camera's at the hip, the bonus is I'll (hopefully) still be able to walk when I'm 60. On the "downside*" I look like a nerdy, stupid Harrison Ford from Indiana Jones as MANY have mentioned at Weddings. *Possibly not a downside? MG_Double-Heavy Me being me taking this invaluable feedback/harassment must turn it into positive thinking thus results in my buying my grey cowboy hat!I'm sure you'll be seeing me very soon at a wedding near you this summer in my hat so come say Hi if you do! 😉Thankyou!Yeeeeeeee-Haaaawwwwww