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Hi everyone,

It recently struck me that all the lovely feedback I’m being given isn’t anywhere on the website for you to see! Well… there is now!

If you have hired me and would like to leave a testimonial please drop me a message :)

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New Wedding Website!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been holding back so long to share my new website, Don’t worry… the one your on now will stay! :) New one is dedicated more to the wedding side of work.

Please take a visit, let me know your thoughts!
Clickt the link below to visit. 

Wed_Selec2013 (48)

Wessex FM News Story…

Here is another audio recording of what was played on another local radio station here in Dorset :)

Wessex FM
( I don’t sound like a chipmunk in real life ).. I think :S


IMG_5630 copy

AIR FM – Local Radio Station



AIR Radio station is an amazing local radio station here in Dorset… One of the main reason’s I love it is for the support of local business’s! Check the recording below that was Aired live to thousands of people. :)

Massive thanks!

Click to play
Here are the photo’s mentioned:


IMG_5630 copy













IMG_5745 copy

Lightning July 21st 2013 – Weymouth

IMG_5630 copy

Well everyone… Here’s my shot. What do you think?

I along with all my gear got absolutely drenched.. But I think it was worth it. I’ve been waiting 2 years for a storm like this again since the last time when this happened:

I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t capture any closer bigger forks of lightning but I think you still get the sense of the storm in the shot?

I’m not sure if Facebook will reduce the quality so if it’s looking pretty naff on here I’ll upload a bigger version somewhere else.

Thanks for looking, Please share/like/comment if you like it 

Thanks again!


Geeky Info:

Canon 10-22mm at 10mm
8 Seconds
ISO – 500

IMG_5630 copy

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